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Shanghai Efreewind Electronics Co. Ltd. was founded in June 2003, The current team has 36 members, specialized in electronic components sales. The company obtained TDK passive components full range product agents qualifications in 2005, and obtained TDK car products sales qualification in 2013. Main products include capacitors, inductors, beads, filters, ferrite and so on.


TDK was established in 1935 as a venture business born out of academic research. TDK is a comprehensive electronic components manufacturer leading the world in magnetic technology. TDK’s diverse range of electronic components are at work all the time inside the familiar products that you use every day.

Featured Products

Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

To make multilayer ceramic chip capacitors more compact with larger capacity, we drew on TDK’s advanced material technologies, making the particle sizes super fine. By putting our original processing technologies to full use, we have perfected the advanced layering technique which ensures the precise placing of dielectric and electrode layers, as well as the multilayering technology capable of as many as 1000 layers. The thickness of each layer is at a submicron level. By reducing the thickness of each layer and increasing the number of layers, even the ultrasmall chip combines the capacity close to that of tantalum capacitors with excellent reliability.

Inductors (Coils)

Inductors (Coils)

TDK's inductors come in three types: those that are manufactured using advanced multilayer processing technologies, those that are produced using wire-winding technology, and those that are manufactured using thin film technologies. TDK's unique multilayer processing technology provides higher inductance and Q characteristics and further miniaturization. Its wire-winding technology uses highly effective closed magnetic circuit, incorporating high µ ferrite particles, to enable lower Rdc values and reduced energy consumption. Thin film technologies overlay detailed patterns on ferromagnetic materials to produce high performance products superbly adapted for miniaturization and thin-form profiles. The lineup features a wide spectrum of filters, SMT inductors, power inductors, and transponder coils. These components are designed for use in high frequency, signal, and power circuits in all kinds of applications, ranging from mobile devices and consumer electronics, solar power inverters and power supplies, to on-board chargers and remote keyless entry systems in automobiles.

Chip Beads

Chip Beads

Chip beads are elements that easily produce noise removal effects by being inserted in series in transmission lines, which are often sources of noise radiation. They are applied in a wide variety of instruments because of the convenience that they provide. TDK’s lineup of chip beads includes micromini products measuring at just 0.4mm×0.2mm, Gigaspira-structured products that provide high impedance at GHz bands, and products that are compatible with high currents in power lines. These products are made with TDK’s own ferrite technology and achieve effective noise removal functions at wide frequency bands. There are a great number of products available, including those that are compliant with the AEC-Q200 for in-vehicle use.

New Products

CGA Series

CGA Series: C0G Mid Voltage (100 ~630V) Capacitor
CGA Series includes world's first IEC 5750 type with rated capacitance of 150nF at rated voltage of 250V.


CLF-NI-D series wire-wound power inductors
The products offer high reliability across a wide range of temperatures from -55°C to +150°C. They are tolerant of the extreme environment found in the engine bay of automobiles, even under the most severe usage conditions.


High GHz noise countermeasure Chip beads for signal lines (Gigaspira structure): MMZ0603-E type
Compact size (0.6×0.3×0.3mm) that contributes to high-density mounting. In addition, these multilayer chip beads for signal lines use our original ferrite material and Gigaspira structure allowing for high impedance up to the GHz band.