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Shanghai Efreewind Electronics Co. Ltd. was founded in June 2003, The current team has 36 members, specialized in electronic components sales. The company obtained Panasonic Control product agents qualifications in 2010. Main products include relays, connectors and switches and so on.


Panasonic uses a unique microfabrication technology that contributes to the miniaturization of devices, relays, relays, switches, and machine sensors. In addition, the industrial control business through the solution for the domestic and foreign manufacturing site to provide a wide range of value-added help.

Featured Products



PhotoMOS, Panasonic's brand of semiconductor relays, have LED as an input with MOSFET for an output. PhotoMOS help realize high-performance and small-footprint equipment. Panasonic offers a wide range of PhotoMOS ideal for measurement, telecommunication, security and industrial control equipment.
Panasonic Connectors

Panasonic Connectors

  • Contact reliability ensured

    Connectors improve the resistance of mobile devices with the highly reliable contact structure that is strong in various environments.
  • miniaturization

    Wide range of products responds to high functionality and miniaturization of mobile devices.
  • Ease of assembly

    Connectors must be connected (fitted), man-hour and operability at that time should be considered.

    Simplified lock system achieves good clickability during connection!

    Configuration that shows consideration for FPC connectability and lever operability

Panasonic Switches

Panasonic Switches

  • Snap action Switches

    Snap action Switch series suitable for various markets. Wide selection covers from U to Z type and is available in all sizes. Sealed type (Turquoise switch series) also available that is highly resistant to harsh environments.
  • Operation Switches

    Switches for operation that achieve comfortable operation. Wide lineup of sizes and shape variations.

New Products



Photomos RF VSSOP CxR3
CxR3 type, VSSOP package, 20V load voltage

Narrow Pitch Connector series

Narrow Pitch Connector series, P4S Shield type (0.4mm pitch)
Radiation noise is reduced thanks to better grounding with multi-point ground construction and covering using a shield plate.

Turquoise Stroke mini Switches

Turquoise Stroke mini Switches
Subminiature, Long Stroke Sealed Switches.