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Shanghai Efreewind Electronics Co. Ltd. was founded in June 2003, The current team has 36 members, specialized in electronic components sales. The company obtained I-pex connector product agents qualifications in 2015.


Perfection in Precision manufacturing technologies provides the foundation for high-data-rate and high-frequency solutions that feature very small ,high-performance connectors.

Featured Products

I-PEX FPC connector MINIFLEX3-BFTH (20644)

0.3mm pitch Horizontal type

Low profile:0.6mm MAX

Depth is 3.35mm for space-saving type

Designed with sharp dented edge for stronger FPC retention force

Actuator drop-off prevention with hold down parts

LIF provides temporary FPC holding before closing actuator

Designed to prevent flux wicking

I-PEX FPC connector MINIFLEX 25-BFN-LK (20636)I-PEX FPC connector MINIFLEX 25-BFN-LK (20636)

Horizontal Type Narrow Back Lock Type with LOCK

0.25mm Pitch

Profile Height : 0.9mm (Max. 1.0mm)

Depth : 3.5mm (actuator closed) Narrow Type

Higher reliability structure

Provides high FPC retention force & Prevents diagonal mating by mechanical LOCK with FPC cutout

Enhanced temporary hold mechanism by LIF structure

Prevention of half lock by the unique actuator design

Applicable for 0.2mm FPC thickness

Smooth operation for FPC insertion

Available for either top or bottom FPC conductor

I-PEX FPC connector MINIFLEX175-ST (20622)
I-PEX FPC connector MINIFLEX175-ST (20622)

0.175mm Pitch Horizontal Type

Low Profile Back Lock Type with LOCK

Profile Height : 0.52mm (0.57mm max.)

Smallest FPC connector in the world

Provides high FPC retention force & prevents diagonal mating by mechanical LOCK with FPC cutout.

Sufficient wiping length insures reliable contact.

Enhanced temporary FPC holding mechanism by LIF structure.

Prevention of contact distortion by fingernails during actuator unlock operation.

FPC/FFC contact point : Top